myBlueprint 360˚ Diagnostic

What is myBlueprint?

myBlueprint is an online 360˚ assessment that is fully customized for your development needs.

myBlueprint 360° captures and synthesizes feedback for an individual recipient from a group of responders. The recipient and each responder complete a feedback survey, tailored to competencies for the recipient’s role. Competencies are selected from EdFuel’s open-source competency maps. Once collected, the feedback is synthesized and shared out with the recipient and his or her manager in a report.

  • Select customized competencies from EdFuel’s open-source competency maps aligned to your position and level
  • Gather feedback from colleagues, managers and peers on your selected competencies
  • Receive personalized reports that inform your individual development and growth
  • Understand how your actions and work contribute to creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusiveness at your organization through embedded DEI coaches

Who provides feedback?

We recommend that a representative sample of 7-10 managers, direct reports, and/or close peers complete the survey and provide feedback on an individual’s performance. This will ensure that the feedback is well-rounded and comprehensive. You and your manager will agree on the list of people to be included.

What is the nature of the feedback that will be collected?

Responders will be asked to rate your level of mastery, on a scale of 1 to 4, for each of the competencies selected from EdFuel’s open-source competency maps. The survey will also include two open-ended questions asking responders to name key areas of strength and key areas for growth.

What role does EdFuel play?

EdFuel administers the 360° feedback surveys and reporting in five simple steps:
1. EdFuel will create a custom survey based on the competencies you select.
2. You will provide a list of responders and their email addresses.
3. EdFuel will email the survey directly to you and each of your responders.
4. All responses will be submitted directly to EdFuel.
5. When all surveys have been collected, EdFuel will provide a report that aggregates your results.

What does reporting and analysis look like?

Once your myBlueprint administration cycle is complete, EdFuel provides you with a report that outlines how your 360° feedback compares to your self assessment. The report includes both quantitative and qualitative trends, which allows individuals to draw insight and determine a clear path forward for their next stage in leadership.