About EdFuel

Our Vision

If we are successful, a school (or system of schools) will be a healthy, stable, safe environment for all students, allowing them to achieve at the highest levels. 

We believe this ultimately depends on creating an equitable and inclusive environment for staff.

Creating this environment requires the recruitment and retention of high quality, diverse people who experience consistent talent processes and systems of accountability and support.

Our Mission

The mission of EdFuel is to empower education organizations to effectively recruit and retain diverse and high quality staff through comprehensive and equitable talent management systems.

What We Do

We’re all about the people. EdFuel is a national nonprofit that helps education organizations recruit and retain top talent at all levels.

EdFuel supports single site schools, charter networks, traditional districts, and education nonprofits with talent management needs of all types. On the systematic side, we design the tools and processes that education organizations need to implement strong, equitable and inclusive talent management systems. Our work spans all aspects of the talent cycle and we have extensive experience in the following areas: competency mapping, recruitment, hiring, onboarding, professional development, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits, succession planning, and holistic organizational culture.

But we know that systems are only part of the solution. Much of the challenge is adaptive: the ability of organizational leaders to effectively implement talent management systems with consistency, fidelity, and in a way that preserves strong internal culture. EdFuel designs tailored training and support systems that build the capacity of the organization to sustain strong talent practices without us.

"EdFuel has been an important partner to Yu Ying. Over the past year, we've worked closely to enhance the school's organizational capacity and develop strategies to retain our talented employees. Thank you, EdFuel!"

- Cheri Harrington, Chief Operating Officer, Washington Yu Ying

How We Operate

  • We meet you where you are

    We take pride in our nimble nature and ability to design adaptive solutions tailored to meet partner needs.

  • We make best-practice practical

    We source and conduct research as the foundation of our work, yet balance it with a dose of practicality to meet real-world needs.

  • We have a bias toward action

    Because time is precious, we take an applied approach to design, valuing responsiveness and getting things done.

  • We offer accessible price points

    Because top talent shouldn’t be a luxury, we take a streamlined, affordable approach to delivering high-quality products.

  • We ask difficult questions

    Because we believe diversity, equity and inclusion are talent imperatives, we will directly address areas where bias is or has the potential to be at play.

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Meet our Funders

We feel fortunate to have been supported by a number of national and local funding organizations. Current and past funders include the following organizations