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The Things We Carry: The Importance of Adult Regulation In the Midst of School Reopenings
Kelly Gleicshman
August 2021

I’ll start by stating the obvious: The collective trauma and grief that we have experienced over the last 18 months is profound – and ongoing. The effects of COVID-19 on our society overall are monumental in their scope and the implications for the education sector are just as colossal. As this school year starts, and most systems return to full-time in-person learning, we are currently attempting to modify an existing system to fit a reality that is entirely unlike anything that most of us have experienced in our lifetime. Leaders are carrying an enormous weight of responsibility on their shoulders every waking minute of the day, navigating an overwhelming amount of complexity and uncertainty while attempting to ensure school buildings are safe for students and staff.  Many leaders and staff members have shared with me that this school year is already much more difficult than last year, which feels unsurprising: We are attempting to renegotiate our entire way of doing in-person learning while our bodies are simultaneously carrying the weight of heightened anxiety that comes with living through continued collective trauma and ongoing grief.  [Read more]

EdFuel’s Anti-Racism Organizational Work & Pledge Update
May 2021

How We’re Doing this Work – and What We’re Learning Along the Way 
In 2020, EdFuel formally adopted the organizational goal and priority to be explicitly anti-racist. EdFuel has always strived to model inclusive behavior and equitable practices; however, we realized the need to formalize, codify, and review our existing internal and external policies, practices, and operations so that we were not inadvertently promoting white supremacy culture. Before this formalization and codification could begin, it was important to assess our internal and external policies and practices.

We began this work in the second half of 2020, researching organizations that have undertaken similar work. We learned that many organizations who have embarked on a similar journey developed some type of working group or internal advisory committee to guide the organization’s work. So, we formed our own. To ensure this work was prioritized, we explicitly allocated staff capacity to the working groups, which are comprised of four staff members of color who were interested in pursuing this work. [Read more]

EdFuel’s Anti-Racism Organizational Work & Pledge
February 19, 2021

Last summer, after the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent national reckoning with racism in all its forms, EdFuel sent out a message to our community about our beliefs and commitments as an organization. Our main goal of that message was to make our organizational values clear and to specifically acknowledge and affirm that Black Lives Matter. We also committed to looking inward at our own practices and how we can advance as an anti-racist organization instead of operating as one that perpetuates a culture of white supremacy.

We believe that how we take action matters immensely. Since last summer, we have assessed our practices both internally and externally to determine what anti-racist policies and practices already exist within our organization, and where there is room to grow. In order to ensure that this work remains a priority, we have taken several steps forward, including making our anti-racist journey a key 2021 organizational priority and engaging both internal team members and our Board of Directors to help us clarify our vision and strategy. [Read more]

A Guide to 3 Virtual Hiring Event Types
Kelly Gleischman
May 28, 2020

Many of you have expressed questions about moving your recruitment and hiring events to a virtual setting. Our Managing Partner, Kelly Gleischman, partnered with Nimble to put together some quick tips for three different types of virtual recruitment and hiring events that you may want to consider as you continue your work to attract a high-quality, diverse staff. Check out her blog and let us know how you are managing these types of events for your own organization!

As always, if you are looking for resources on virtual talent management practices check out our website for tools and links to prior webinars. Our goal is to continue supporting the sector with open-source materials, so please let us know if you have suggestions or thoughts on how we can best serve you.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our work. We deeply appreciate it!

EdFuel’s Guidance on Virtual Sourcing and Hiring
Kerri-Ann Nesbeth & Mary Mason Boaz
April 6, 2020

Even before COVID-19, teacher recruitment and hiring were a daunting challenge for schools and organizations seeking to hire diverse, high-quality talent and for candidates looking to find the right position. In the current climate, schools and organizations are now needing to make all recruitment and hiring efforts virtual.

We’ve heard from many of you about these concerns and at EdFuel, it is important to us to provide responsive support to the education sector whenever and however we can. To that end, we wanted to share our curated best practices on virtual recruitment, which includes sourcing and hiring candidates, for those of you who are facing these challenges during this time of uncertainty.


Our top three tips for effective virtual sourcing of diverse, high-quality candidates include casting a wider net with job postings, bolstering employee involvement and investment, and attending virtual hiring fairs. See below for specific tactics related to each strategy.

Job Postings: Cast a Wider Net and Make Your Postings Pop

With more potential candidates working from home, now is the time to ensure your open positions are posted in as many places online as possible. In addition to posting to the sites you typically gravitate towards, ensure your postings are listed on subject-specific and even diversity-specific posting sites. For example, looking for a diverse math teacher? Try posting your position on the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and Educate ME Foundation job boards. [Read More]

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