EdFuel’s Anti-Racist Pledge: An Update

Update on Our Commitment as Education Support Partners Over the past few months, EdFuel has made strides to live out commitments to ourselves, our team, and our partners as outlined in our Anti-Racist Pledge. Each day as we navigate our work relative to the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are actively working to keep our goal to be … Read More

How School Leaders Can Show C.A.R.E for Staff Wellbeing

Nicole Roberts Pratt January 27, 2022 As we start another year of the pandemic, there’s been the usual New Year’s focus on wellness – how are we individually going to take better care of ourselves (start an exercise routine, eat healthier, etc.).  I have also seen some of the focus shift from wellness (which often refers to physical) to wellbeing.  … Read More