Introducing: The Charter School Compensation Initiative

In partnership with Charter School Growth Fund and the KIPP Foundation, EdFuel is proud to announce the Charter School Compensation Initiative, an effort to equip charter leaders with the information they need to establish competitive and equitable compensation practices. Our goal is to demystify each phase of the compensation system design process while providing leaders with learning opportunities grounded in equitable practice and concrete resources. To achieve this goal, we are offering two components:

How-To Guides & Toolkits

  • Practical guides aligned to each component of the compensation design process, including case studies and ready-to-use resources
  • Webinar participants will have first access to the open-source How-To Guides and Toolkit

Free Webinar Learning Series

  • Access the recording and session materials for workshops aligned to each How-To Guide
  • Workshops included a step-by-step approach to tackle each component of the compensation system design and case studies

How-To Guide and Webinar Release Schedule

Each topic will include the release of a How-To Guide and an accompanying webinar.

  • Process Overview Guide - Start Here!

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  • 1. Making the Case to Organizational Leadership

    Learn how to identify your challenge, craft a compelling and urgent call to action, and position key decision makers with the information needed to commit to moving forward with compensation system design.
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  • 2. Developing Your Organization's Compensation Philosophy

    Learn how to identify and refine your compensation philosophy, a simple but powerful formal statement that documents your organization’s position on employee compensation. It explains the "why" behind employee pay and serves as a guide through the messiness of compensation design work.
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  • 3. Designing an Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement Process

    Who, how, and when you engage stakeholders will signal the likelihood of success long before you edit your first excel formula. Learn different approaches for inclusive stakeholder engagement; how to strategically use common engagement structures (i.e., focus groups versus surveys); build awareness of the common challenges that arise during each phase of the design process; and mitigate those challenges.
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  • 4. Structural Options for a Compensation System

    Learn about common compensation structures, how to evaluate which is most aligned to your compensation philosophy, and which structure best enables your organization's long-term equity and financial sustainability goals. Note: How-To Guides 4, 5, and 6 address phases in the compensation design process that typically occur concurrently.
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  • 5. Evaluating the Financial and Equity Impact of your Financial Model

    In this How-To Guide, understand how and when to engage your finance lead, how to translate your philosophy and choice points into robust scenarios, and how to utilize a compa-ratio approach to evaluate the equity impact of each scenario. Note: How-To Guides 4, 5, and 6 address phases in the compensation design process that typically occur concurrently.
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  • 6. Policies and Processes to Ensure an Equitable System

    Equitable compensation practices require a clear articulation of all policies and processes that impact setting and adjusting salary. In this How-To Guide, learn which policies and processes you should have in place and how to ensure they are equitable. Note: How-To Guides 4, 5, and 6 address phases in the compensation design process that typically occur concurrently.
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  • 7. Change Management and Implementation

    Organizational change efforts this significant are most precarious in their first year and should be routinely monitored to ensure alignment to the intended impact. Learn how to design a process that ensures staff have the messages, skills, and tools needed for successful implementation, as well as how to monitor progress in the initial phases of implementation to ensure you’re on track to achieve your desired outcomes.
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Need Support Getting Started?

If you are looking to get started with compensation but don't know where to start, let's have a conversation to determine how EdFuel can support your organization toward building more equitable and competitive compensation practices. Get started by filling out this survey and a member of the EdFuel team will follow up with you from there.