Hidden in Plain Sight

The Initiative

Much attention, rightly so, has been paid to the importance of developing strong teachers, teacher leaders, and school leaders. Yet our understanding of leadership pipelines for K–12 system leaders— including at districts, charter management organizations, and education nonprofits— is in much shorter supply. At EdFuel, we believe these leaders play an integral role in the K–12 education ecosystem; we are committed to developing strong education professionals at all levels of our rapidly changing sector.

EdFuel, in close partnership with The Bridgespan Group, set out to engage a broad group of districts, charters, nonprofits, and funders to dig deeply into the state of leadership development for K–12 sector leaders. We sought both to understand the challenges facing our current and rising leaders, and to surface solutions for attracting, developing and retaining many more capable and diverse leaders in the decade to come.

The Report

What will it take to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse generation of education sector leaders? The answer, based on a spring 2015 survey of noninstructional leaders, came through loud and clear: allocate the time and funding necessary to develop and retain more current staff as system leaders. Following through means fundamentally reorienting our priorities around talent and investing more consistently in the development and growth of leaders.


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Steering Committee

Alex Caram
NewSchools Venture Fund

Elizabeth City
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Tom Noble
The Broad Center

Veenay Singla
Independent Consultant

Betsy Doyle
Partner, Bridgespan Group

Advisory Board

Chaka Booker
The Broad Center

Rachel Curtis
Rachel Curtis Consulting

Ethan Gray
Education Cities

Alex Johnston
Impact for Education

Deborah McGriff
NewSchools Venture Fund

Frances McLaughlin
Education Pioneers

Joe Siedlecki
The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

LaVerne Evans Srinivasan
The Carnegie Corporation

Working Groups

Project Team

Lisa Horowitz
Daniela Fairchild
Betsy Doyle
Lija Farnham
Roger Thompson
Aviva Altmann
Austin Lee
Anna Soybel