Blueprint for Success

We are facing a massive attrition problem for beyond-the-classroom positions across the education sector.

In our May 2015 leadership survey of the K-12 sector, we uncovered a shocking reality: 60% of non-instructional leaders — at all levels, across all types of organizations — are planning to leave their current organization in the next three years. We identified many factors that contribute to the retention challenge, including chronic under-investment in professional development, a lack of internal coaching/mentoring, poor definition of career pathways, and a belief that recruiting talent (not developing it over time) is the greatest HR challenge organizations face.

In response, we created EdFuel’s Blueprint for Success competency maps that make it possible for organizations to visualize pathways and growth plans for the full range of non-instructional roles.

Developed in collaboration with the Broad Center, NewSchools Venture Fund, Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, the Bridgespan Group and 40+ sector leaders, the initiative includes seven functional competency maps (academics and instruction, advocacy, development, information and data, finance, operations, and talent) to show the knowledge, skills, and relationships necessary to manage school districts/networks.

In addition to the functional competency maps, Blueprint for Success provides a separate map for cross-functional leadership skills. Each map articulates competencies at four distinct levels of seniority.

Access the Competency Maps

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