as a catalyst
for change

The mission of EdFuel is to empower education
organizations to effectively recruit and retain
diverse and high-quality staff through comprehensive
and equitable talent management systems.

Black Lives Matter: A Message from EdFuel

EdFuel believes Black lives matter. We are committed to advancing social justice and becoming an explicitly anti-racist organization. Learn more about our beliefs and commitments here.

Talent Management

Talent Management Support

EdFuel supports organizations to implement strong talent systems, including: competency mapping, recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, professional development, performance evaluation, and compensation and benefits.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Talent Tools and Resources

We have a deep commitment to sharing what we’ve learned. EdFuel offers a number of open-source resources to make our work accessible to every organization across the sector.

The New Thing

Guidance on Virtual Sourcing and Hiring

Even before COVID-19, teacher recruitment was a daunting challenge for both schools seeking to hire diverse, high-quality teacher talent and for teachers looking to find the right position. In the current climate, schools are now needing to make all recruitment efforts virtual.

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How We Work

We help you build long-lasting, inclusive talent systems that enable your organization to recruit and retain top talent at all levels. Check out our model and how we approach our work.

Research & Tools

Research is in our DNA. Take a look at our collection of open-source resources to begin implementing best-in-class talent practices for your organization.

Our Team

We are a dynamic, collaborative group of people who care deeply about educational equity. Meet our team and learn more about our backgrounds and experiences.

People are at the core of improving student outcomes.

Teachers and leaders are the most significant drivers of educational outcomes. If we are to realize our goal of educational equity for all students, schools must be able to recruit and retain top talent of all backgrounds and levels. Doing so requires strong talent management systems and leaders who deeply understand how to implement them.

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We meet you where you are.

A single-site charter school and a district with 50,000 students have incredibly different talent needs. Whether you need help on early-stage recruitment systems, support on a multi-school talent strategy, or ideas for best-practice compensation systems, EdFuel has you covered. We take pride in our nimble nature and ability to design adaptive solutions tailored to meet partner needs.

See Examples of Our Work in Action

We make best-practice practical.

We source and conduct research as the foundation of our work, yet balance it with a dose of practicality to meet real-world needs. We work hand-in-hand with leadership teams to understand the context of your organization and adapt best-practices to fit accordingly.

Take a look at our research and tools

We ask difficult questions.

Because we believe diversity, equity and inclusion are talent imperatives, we will directly address areas where bias is or has the potential to be at play.

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