Talent Management Support

We support all of your talent needs.

Talent management is a deliberate and ongoing process that systematically identifies, assesses, develops and retains the people needed to meet current and future organizational objectives.

EdFuel designs the tools and processes that education organizations need to implement strong, equitable and inclusive talent management systems. But systems are only part of the solution. The real challenge is adaptive: the ability of organizational leaders to effectively implement talent management systems. EdFuel designs tailored training and support systems that build the capacity of the organization to sustain strong talent practices without us.

Talent Cycle
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Antiracist Practices Talent Diagnostics & Equity Audits Competency Models Compensation & Benefits Recruitment Hiring Onboarding and Offboarding Talent Development & Coaching Performance Evaluation Succession Planning Retention Org-Wide Talent Strategy

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Antiracist Practices

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracist Strategic Planning
  • Hiring Equity Audit
  • Compensation Equity Audit
  • Management Equity Audit
  • Performance Evaluation Equity Audit
  • Onboarding Equity Audit
  • Succession Planning and Promotion Equity Audit
  • Equity Audits for Employee Handbooks and HR Policies
  • Retention Equity Audit

Talent Diagnostics & Equity Audits

  • EdFuel Talent Diagnostic, Report, and Recommendations for Improvement
  • Hiring Equity Audit
  • Compensation Equity Audit
  • Management Equity Audit
  • Performance Evaluation Equity Audit
  • Onboarding Equity Audit
  • Succession Planning and Promotion Equity Audit
  • Equity Audits for Employee Handbooks and HR Policies
  • Retention Equity Audit

Competency Models

  • Organizational Competency Model Design
  • Role/Functional Competency Articulation
  • Incorporating Competency Models into Performance Management Systems

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary and Benefits Benchmarking
  • Role Titling
  • Compensation Philosophy
  • Compensation System Design (band/schedule creation, budget modeling, policy design, etc.)
  • Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking Studies
  • Compensation Equity Audits
  • Compensation Policy Design
  • Teacher Incentive Allotment
  • Compensation Studies


  • Virtual Recruitment Fairs
  • Employee Value Proposition Articulation
  • Marketing & Sourcing Strategy
  • Tracking and Analyzing Recruitment Data
  • Recruitment Equity Audits
  • Recruitment Core Messaging
  • Teacher Pipeline Planning and Teacher Residencies


  • Virtual Hiring Fairs
  • Equitable Hiring Process Design
  • Tracking and Analyzing Hiring Data
  • Integration of Competency Model into Hiring Processes
  • Hiring Scorecards and Rubrics
  • Hiring Material Design (interview guides, performance tasks, etc.)
  • Hiring Equity Audits

Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Organizational Onboarding Strategy and Planning
  • Individual Employee Onboarding Planning
  • Onboarding Equity Audits
  • Effective Offboarding

Talent Development & Coaching

  • One-on-One Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Organizational Talent Development Strategy
  • Utilizing Competency Models to Develop Talent
  • Equitable Talent Reviews
  • Inclusive Management Practices
  • Management Equity Audits
  • Career Pathway Design

Performance Evaluation

  • Staff Performance Evaluation Process Design
  • Incorporating Competency Models into Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Tracking and Analyzing Performance Evaluation Data
  • Training and Systems to Decrease Bias in Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Performance Evaluation Equity Audits
  • Effective Offboarding

Succession Planning

  • Equitable Talent Reviews
  • Senior Leader Succession Planning
  • Career Pathway Design
  • Integration of Competency Model into Pathway Progression
  • Promotion Policy Design
  • Succession Planning and Promotion Equity Audits


  • Retention Equity Audit
  • Tracking and Analyzing Retention Data
  • Strategic Planning for Retention
  • Stay Conversations (conversation guides, trainings)
  • Training and Development for Principals Around Retention
  • Retention Studies
  • Effective Offboarding

Org-Wide Talent Strategy

  • Annual Talent Goal-Setting
  • Talent Philosophy Articulation
  • Developing a Strategic Talent Calendar
  • Talent/HR Data Review and Strategic Planning
  • Talent Data Systems and Monitoring
  • Staffing Model & Role Titling
  • Employee Value Proposition Articulation
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracist Strategic Planning
  • Equity Audits for Employee Handbooks and HR Policies
  • Retention Strategy

How We Engage

We had 96% retention for our first year, and I’m 98% filled for year two. This is all due to the work EdFuel did with me. I hired the right people from the start and have a strong foundation going into year two.”Jonta Morris, Founder and CEO, Legacy Prep
“Washington Latin recently engaged EdFuel as a thought partner in a redesign of our compensation system. We were impressed by their ability to coalesce various data points, tweak analysis based on our feedback, and act quickly and creatively on our feedback. Throughout the project period and even after the fact, they were supportive and responsive. We appreciated their focus, sensitivity and professionalism.” Peter Anderson, Head of School, Washington Latin Public Charter School
♦We meet you where you are. We take pride in our nimble nature and ability to design adaptive solutions tailored to meet partner needs.
♦We make best-practice practical. We source and conduct research as the foundation of our work, yet balance it with a dose of practicality to meet real-world needs.
♦We have a bias toward action. Because time is precious, we take an applied approach to design, valuing responsiveness and getting things done.
♦We offer accessible price points. Because top talent shouldn’t be a luxury, we take a streamlined, affordable approach to delivering high-quality products.
♦We ask difficult questions. Because we believe diversity, equity and inclusion are talent imperatives, we will directly address areas where bias is or has the potential to be at play.

Talent Management in Action

EQUITY Education – Detroit, MI

EdFuel and EQUITY have built a strong partnership through our talent management and individual development support over the past three years. EdFuel has supported EQUITY to:

  • Provide one-on-one coaching to eight members of EQUITY Education’s leadership team
  • Facilitate an internal Peer Learning Community among members of EQUITY Education’s senior leadership team to drive cohesiveness and alignment between all members
  • Provide internal organizational effectiveness data through the administration of EdFuel’s FOCUS Organizational Effectiveness Diagnostic

Spring Branch Independent School District – Spring Branch, TX

EdFuel is working with Spring Branch Independent School district to design and implment the talent portion of their multi-year strategic plan. We work closely with human capital leadership to bring their vision for innovative talent practices to life. Through our system design and capacity building EdFuel has supported the Spring Branch team to implement:

  • A custom competency model for all staff
  • District-wide onboarding processes
  • A job-embedded development model for Assistant Principals
  • A comprehensive central office performance management system

“The EdFuel team acts as a thought partner, but also helps us do the work. They’ve taken a load off our shoulders by helping to shape our approach and hit the targets outlined in the talent portion of our strategic plan.”Jennifer Blaine, Associate Superintendent of Talent and Operations ,

Spring Branch Independent School District

A Reflection from A Partner:
Green Dot Public Schools

As a charter school operator with schools in three states and an eye towards continued growth, Green Dot Public Schools operates in an incredibly complicated environment.  Strategic planning is a core skill set for the organization – so much so that the central office has a Strategic Planning Team (SPT) of six staff dedicated to strategic planning, execution, and process design across the network.

This summer the SPT wanted to focus the professional development of their team members on how to provide better strategic guidance and support to the organization.  Building off of the EdFuel competency maps, we created Green Dot’s Strategic Planning competency map (email us here if you’d like to see their example or build your own), used it as a self-assessment tool for each team member, and began the process of designing a customized professional development plan for every team member based on his or her biggest areas for development. 

Here are three things the team learned along the way:

Talking it out helps… a lot.  The team used several hours of their annual retreat to review the competency map, discuss individual areas for growth together, and align on individual and team priorities.  It was helpful to “connect the dots” across the group and agree on a shared meaning of several competencies.  The group conversation both clarified questions and generated a higher degree of excitement and buy-in.


“Resetting” baseline expectations in an open and honest way was key to a fruitful conversation around competencies and priorities

Start with development as the focus, not evaluation.  The competency map is comprehensive and very detailed – and a tad intimidating.  The team set a clear norm that the exercise was strictly about development this year, totally separate from the performance evaluation process.  That allowed team members to engage more authentically with a personal growth lens and worry much less about a negative consequence for not demonstrating mastery in such a wide breadth of skills.  And it squarely focused each team member on their own skill development –the most important goal.

Side-by-side comparison between the EdFuel competency map’s development focus and the home office evaluation rubric

Circle back regularly – individually and as a team.  As a team, we set up a monthly check in about each team member’s PD plan in addition to their standing 1:1 meetings.  We also take care to compare the self-assessments and PD plans across the group in order to develop a team PD plan for the year – this supports each team member’s growth goals while addressing collective areas for development.

Illustration of regular self and peer evaluation touch points, facilitated by EdFuel’s myBlueprint tool

Taking a team approach to skill and competency development went a long way in building buy-in and focus in a way that is non-evaluative yet still incredibly relevant to on-the-job skills. EdFuel’s free resource, the Blueprint for Success, maps competencies at all levels for talent in organizations large and small, from charter schools and foundations to advocacy groups and non-profits. To learn more about adapting this resource to build your organization’s talent and strategic systems, send a note here.