Onboarding Support

We know that the potential for having to onboard new staff in a virtual setting poses unique challenges.

In the current climate, schools and organizations are now needing to make plans that account for the potential to onboard new staff virtually. We also know that onboarding (i.e. helping new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new job quickly and smoothly) is a critically important tool as it pertains to staff satisfaction and retention.

We’ve heard from many of you about these concerns and at EdFuel, it is important to us to provide responsive support to the education sector whenever and however we can. To that end, we can provide direct support on best practices in onboarding and where and how to shift to best practices in virtual onboarding to ensure teachers, and ultimately students, are set up for success.

In addition, EdFuel also offers Virtual Teacher Job Fairs and Virtual Recruitment and Hiring Support. If you are interested in these opportunities please contact for more information.

Virtual Onboarding Support Offerings

  • Onboarding Diagnostic

    Assess strengths and areas for growth within current onboarding strategies and create recommendations for improvement with a specific focus on virtual priorities

  • Onboarding System Design & Implementation

    Develop and implement a comprehensive virtual onboarding strategy that considers diversity, equity, and inclusion. This virtual onboarding strategy can include all three phases of onboarding (cultivation, orientation, and management), identifying differentiated onboarding strategies for key subsets of staff (i.e. staff where attrition might be high), and aligning systems to ensure success for mid-year hires (whether virtual or in a more traditional setting).

  • Matriculation Support

    Design and implement a system to maintain contact with high quality candidates and/or new hires (i.e. scheduled email blasts, calendar of phone calls, staff ambassadors, communication tracking, virtual “welcome” meetings, etc.)

  • Virtual Onboarding Workshops

    Design and facilitate virtual workshops highlighting national best practices and case studies in effective virtual onboarding strategies

Additional Opportunities & Resources

EdFuel is continuing to host sector-wide webinars and trainings. We will keep this list updated as we add new events, and will link to prior event resources as well. If you have questions please reach out to

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