Guide to Organizational Policy Development:

A People-Centered Approach to Human Capital Policies

Use the EdFuel Organizational Policy Toolkit to Reinforce Your Culture in Practice and in Writing

The EdFuel Organizational Policy Toolkit is a new resource for organizational and talent leaders in the education sector. The policies and practices your school or organization has in place can significantly impact the employee experience, particularly with regard to equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. Thoughtful, well-crafted policies help to ensure that people in your organization are treated fairly and respectfully in a variety of situations, and the absence of these policies can lead to unintentional inequities and employee dissatisfaction. The resources in this toolkit will help you to learn more about how to begin the process of codifying the information your employees need to know. The Toolkit includes:

  • A process you can follow to create an employee handbook or policy manual, whether you are crafting organizational policies for the first time or conducting an audit on practices that have been in place for awhile
  • A system to review your current policies to see if they meet the needs of your workplace and workforce, including promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism
  • Tools to help you research, write, and communicate any new policies you may need to create
  • Checklists at every step to ensure you have covered all of your bases

We must be clear: these tools alone won’t make your workplace everything you want it to be. Having a fair and consistent set of rules is only the foundation, and the work to roll out your policies and ensure their consistent implementation is ongoing. Download the entire toolkit or each individual resource below!

Download Each Resource in the Toolkit

Need Additional Support?

Our toolkit is designed such that you can pull the resources right from our website and begin applying the guidance today.  However, we know this can feel like daunting work, and we are also available to provide shoulder-to-shoulder support for you if you want more guidance as you take on this initiative. EdFuel provides dedicated support in each of the areas listed in the toolkit, please reach out to us at if you are interested in discussing a customized engagement with a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you!