Ben’s DEI Spotlight:  Lessons From Ithaca City School District’s Equity Strategic Plan

Ben Crosby | November 20, 2019 This month we are exploring opportunities for system leaders at the beginning stages of creating an “equity strategic plan” for their organization, drawing lessons from Ithaca City School District’s equity strategic plan. First published in 2005, Ithaca’s plan is built around an ambitious yet unambiguous goal – to eliminate race and socioeconomic background as a … Read More

Kristina’s DEI Spotlight: Lessons from Google’s Diversity Report 

Kristina Campa-Gruca | November 7, 2019 The Google Challenge: A global company’s workforce fails to reflect global diversity   As the world’s most used search engine, Google has a truly global and diverse client base. While the company serves a global population, their 114,000 employee workforce was not representative of that diversity. In 2014, after conducting an internal analysis of the … Read More