Cortney’s DEI Spotlight:  Designing Inclusive Talent Systems with “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work” in Mind

Cortney Graham | December 18, 2019 Do you remember that time you laughed and joked about the latest meme floating around Instagram with your favorite coworker, letting your hair down and turning your “professional persona” off for a bit? After “getting your life” at lunch, you later transformed back into your “professional” persona for your big pitch to the leadership … Read More

Ben’s DEI Spotlight:  Lessons From Ithaca City School District’s Equity Strategic Plan

Ben Crosby | November 20, 2019 This month we are exploring opportunities for system leaders at the beginning stages of creating an “equity strategic plan” for their organization, drawing lessons from Ithaca City School District’s equity strategic plan. First published in 2005, Ithaca’s plan is built around an ambitious yet unambiguous goal – to eliminate race and socioeconomic background as a … Read More

Kristina’s DEI Spotlight: Lessons from Google’s Diversity Report 

Kristina Campa-Gruca | November 7, 2019 The Google Challenge: A global company’s workforce fails to reflect global diversity   As the world’s most used search engine, Google has a truly global and diverse client base. While the company serves a global population, their 114,000 employee workforce was not representative of that diversity. In 2014, after conducting an internal analysis of the … Read More

Kelly’s DEI Spotlight: Lessons from an Inclusive Innovation Playbook developed by AT&T and SmartCities for All

Kelly Gleischman October 9, 2019 Last month, Mary Mason’s DEI Spotlight focused on the work at Salesforce to create an overall vision and focus for DEI. This month we’re going to explore the importance of intentionality and specificity, drawing on lessons from an Inclusive Innovation Playbook developed by AT&T and SmartCities for All, a global initiative that is working to … Read More

Mary Mason’s DEI Spotlight: DEI Practices at Salesforce

MARY MASON’S DEI SPOTLIGHT: DEI PRACTICES AT SALESFORCE Mary Mason Boaz | September 5, 2019 This month we’re going to explore the importance of a clarified purpose and focus when seeking to move the needle around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’ll be drawing on a best practice from Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, that employs 25,000+ people across … Read More

Raven’s Cross-Sector DEI Spotlight: Urban Planning

Raven Freeman July 31, 2019 This month we’re going to explore the interplay between innovation and equity, drawing on a best practice from the field of urban planning. An article from the Urban Institute notes, “We can’t assume that technological innovations will benefit everyone equally. Intentional design for equity should involve inclusive processes and rethinking business practices to target efforts … Read More

You Say Summer, We Say… School Leader Evaluation!

Sarah Morgan, Kelly Gleischman, Carrie Irvin July 10, 2019 Happy summer, everyone! You may be thinking about pools and popsicles, but when the end of the school year rolls around, we are reminded that it’s time to evaluate the head of your school! (Well, ok, we think caps and gowns too.) One of the most important responsibilities of the board … Read More

Register Today! Join EdFuel’s 2019-20 Peer Learning Community Cohorts in Washington D.C.

Kerri-Ann Nesbeth June 20, 2019 Join us for an 8-month in-person peer learning community designed to accelerate education leaders who are change agents for the future Each school year, EdFuel offers Peer Learning Communities (PLCs) that are designed to allow participants to dive deeply into various themes and functional areas. In monthly sessions, participants convene with one of our expert … Read More

Get ready for the summer with EdFuel’s Summer Must-Dos

Kristina Campa Gruca| June 13, 2019 “I need a vacation from my vacation.” I’ve heard this phrase from friends and colleagues and have experienced the pain of enjoying time off only to be bombarded by the work of catching up once I return to work. This year, I was determined that wouldn’t be the case. A few weeks ago, my … Read More

You Can’t Claim To Care For Your People and Ignore Their Mental Health

Kelly Gleischman  May 29, 2019 You Can’t Claim To Care For Your People and Ignore Their Mental Health Today marks the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, and I wanted to take a minute to reflect on an issue that is incredibly important to me both personally and professionally. And this year, I’d like to reflect on it through the … Read More