The Power of Convening: EdFuel’s 2019 D.C. Talent Summit

Mary Mason Boaz May 16, 2019 In many organizations, talent leaders often do their work in a silo or are members of very small talent teams where the chance to collaborate is limited. Additionally, talent leaders often take on multiple workstreams (recruitment, hiring, the retention…the list goes on!) and thus their time is scarce, which can mean that opportunities to … Read More

The Connection Between Student and Teacher Recruiting

Raven FreemanMarch 28, 2019 Logistically speaking, the recruiting and retention of students and teachers are separate processes. However, on some level, they share an intersecting end goal: creating a productive community of learning where both students and adults can thrive.  Naturally, the ‘pitch’ parents get when considering schools for their child is student-centric, but sprinkling in a few insights about … Read More

Candidate Matchmaking: Steps to Ensure Candidates “Swipe Right”

Kerri-Ann Nesbeth February 28, 2019 Skeptical about finding the right person who is highly qualified for the role? Have you been putting your organization out there? Wish it was as quick and easy as swiping right?  Here’s how to set yourself apart and ensure you find your perfect match! Gone are the days of the online dating stigma. Whether using … Read More

DC Bilingual: EdFuel DC Talent Cohort Partner in Action

As we enter a new year, many people are taking the time to reflect on the past and to set goals for the future. At EdFuel, each year we strive to build capacity for individuals and organizations to develop stronger internal talent systems. In 2017 EdFuel was awarded the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act grant by the Office … Read More