Our Approach


Capacity-building, not consulting.

We believe in moving organizations’ internal capacity for developing talent – so we ensure you are capable of taking the work and running with it after we leave.

Implementing what works.

Every component of our work is centered on research-based best practice. We help our partners implement what we know works given our expertise in working with hundreds of organizations across the country.

Explicit commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We believe that effective organizations are diverse and equitable in every way. We will act as a mirror for your team to improve its diversity and inclusiveness throughout every aspect of the engagement.

Quick iteration cycles.

We believe that continuous learning and growth is an essential component of leading effective change. In our engagements, we will commit to many cycles of quick iteration to ensure we get to a place of excellence.

Practical, with a bias toward action.

We know organizations cannot afford to waste resources, time and capacity on work that does not improve student outcomes. We help you implement practical solutions and learn from the actions you take along the way.

Unique to your organization.

We know every organization is unique – and we make sure that our work supports your specific culture, goals, and student population in a tailored way.