Virtual Teacher Job Fairs

A Pressing Problem

Even before COVID-19, teacher recruitment has been a daunting challenge for both schools seeking to hire diverse, high-quality teacher talent and for teachers looking to find the right position. In the current climate, schools are now needing to make all recruitment efforts virtual and have communicated high levels of concern about their ability to source candidates.

In addition, the current workforce challenges posed by COVID-19 also require immediate efforts to provide job opportunities to individuals who have been laid off by employers in light of the global pandemic. Given that most schools are in the middle of hiring season for the 20-21 school year, there is currently an opportunity to connect job seekers with potential employers.

Solving the Recruitment Challenge Virtually

EdFuel facilitates Virtual Teacher Job Fairs around the country. These fairs provide an opportunity for schools to meet with potential teachers and an opportunity for teachers to learn more about variousĀ  schools in one setting, all while adhering to required social distancing measures.

Virtual Teacher Job Fairs:

  • Provide schools and/or districts with virtual booths to connect live (via chat and/or video) with potential candidates;
  • Can include resources on certification and degree programs (alternative certification programs and traditional degree-granting institutions);
  • Provide school preparation supports, such as training on how to access the platform for recruiters and how to engage virtually with candidates;
  • Provide candidate preparation supports, such as resume reviews and training on how to engage virtually with employers; and
  • Are free for all teachers and prospective teachers to attend.


The following provides a high-level overview of the components included in the job fair:

Need More Info?

If you are interested in sponsoring your own Virtual Teacher Job Fair or other Virtual Hiring and Recruitment Supports, please reach out to Kelly Gleischman at