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Having Some Hiring Heartbreak? Check Out EdFuel’s “Best Practices: Selection and Hiring for Charter Schools” Resource

Mary Mason Boaz
August 29, 2018

Limited capacity for hiring? Are you extremely busy? Do you have numerous responsibilities? Is it hard to find the time to amp up the rigor of your teacher hiring processes? You are not alone.

Hiring the right people can be challenging, especially when you work in an organization where capacity, funds, or other resources are limited. In education, we are often operating within those constraints while also doing our very best to get quality people in the door for our students.

EdFuel partnered with the Indiana Charter School Network and Illinois Network of Charter Schools to gather and codify best practices from across the country around teacher hiring and selection so that you can more easily and effectively refine your hiring practices…..[read more]

Managing Others: Are you a consultant, a connector, a cheerleader or a coach?

Raven Freeman
July 11, 2018

managing othersAccording to a study by Gartner, only 40 percent of employees believe their managers help them develop the skills they need for their current role. Do you know where you stand? Are your employees counting you in the 40% or 60%? If you’re not sure, you’re probably among the majority of managers who take a reactive approach to development, primarily helping staff to navigate complex or urgent situations. While this type of in-the-moment problem solving is necessary, managers who take a more proactive and skill-based approach to staff development experience greater overall staff satisfaction….[read more]

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