The Need for Organizational Policies & Processes

Sara-Kate Roberts December 6, 2021 About a year and a half ago, I became a mother. I joined the world of working parents, who have always juggled multiple priorities, but who have faced increased challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am lucky to work for an organization that honors my dual roles as a parent and professional. As my family … Read More

Psychological Safety: One ingredient in the recipe for teacher and student wellbeing

Kristina Campa-Gruca October 27, 2021 Teacher dissatisfaction has skyrocketed over the past year and a half, with one-in-four teachers indicating a desire to leave the classroom within the next year.1 Extraordinarily high levels of stress have led to a dramatic increase in burnout and overall decrease in mental health and wellbeing.2  We know from our work with partners across the … Read More

EdFuel’s Anti-Racist Pledge: An Update

September 2021 Update on Our Commitment as Education Support Partners EdFuel’s Anti-Racist Pledge outlined a series of both internal and external commitments. Since the inception of this pledge, EdFuel has made strides to live out these commitments and ensure that we are actively working to keep anti-racist values top of mind in all that we do. On top of overhauling … Read More

The Gift of Gratitude

Mary Mason Boaz September 30, 2021 If you’ve spoken to an educator in your life recently, you may have heard the same sentiment that I have: “This year is harder than last year”. Among other things, they’ve noted the lack of stability, the ever changing list of quarantines, and the overwhelming risk assessments they have to make nonstop every day. … Read More

EdFuel’s Anti-Racism Organizational Work & Pledge Update

May 2021 | Written By: Cortney Ameckson How We’re Doing this Work – and What We’re Learning Along the Way  In 2020, EdFuel formally adopted the organizational goal and priority to be explicitly anti-racist. EdFuel has always strived to model inclusive behavior and equitable practices; however, we realized the need to formalize, codify, and review our existing internal and external … Read More

EdFuel’s Anti-Racism Organizational Work & Pledge

February 19, 2019 Last summer, after the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent national reckoning with racism in all its forms, EdFuel sent out a message to our community about our beliefs and commitments as an organization. Our main goal of that message was to make our organizational values clear and to specifically acknowledge and affirm that Black Lives … Read More