EdFuel’s Anti-Racist Pledge: An Update

September 2021

Update on Our Commitment as Education Support Partners

EdFuel’s Anti-Racist Pledge outlined a series of both internal and external commitments. Since the inception of this pledge, EdFuel has made strides to live out these commitments and ensure that we are actively working to keep anti-racist values top of mind in all that we do. On top of overhauling how we operate, we are committed to exploring ways that we can examine all of the work that we do through the lens of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and anti-racism. Today we will share some of the actions that have been taken internally related to the commitments outlined in our pledge. 

  1. Creating an anti-racist environment, enforced through inclusive organizational culture, policies, and priorities
  • EdFuel recently launched its first staff engagement and experience survey. The launch of the survey is timely, given the EdFuel team has grown by nearly 50% in 2021. EdFuel has reached the size where one-to-one feedback is harder to come by and we now have a large enough n-size to implement an anonymous survey. The survey aims to create a baseline understanding of the current experience of our team and surface any issues or inequities to inform strategic actions. In addition, the survey will allow us to complete our priority of developing a way for team members to safely flag where and when EdFuel may fall short on inclusivity. The staff engagement and experience survey will be administered by an external consultant to ensure employee anonymity. We will also debrief the data collected as a team.
  1. Establishing and consistently reevaluating finance, compliance, and HR policies, including conducting scheduled compensation equity audits and calibration, and offering unlimited sick and mental health days for all staff
  • EdFuel is committed to ensuring the fair and equitable pay of its employees. As budget season approaches, one of the strategic actions we implement to uphold this value is to conduct bi-annual salary benchmarking.  Benchmarks are sourced from a third-party database and interviews with peer organizations. This is a practice that we recommend to our partners and live out at EdFuel.  Compensation benchmarking is one of many ways to think about whether staff are being compensated fairly.  In this case, fairness is assessed relative to the market value of the role in question.  Check our guide to pay equity audits for more ways to assess compensation equity. 

It is important to EdFuel that we share our progress with our network and remain open to ongoing feedback from members of our community. To this end, we will continue to document our learnings and journey to becoming an explicitly anti-racist organization via our Talent Talks Blog.